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Clemency Support Letters Due Sunday, Oct 22 @noon!

Updated: Oct 20

Links to download a template, view sample letters, etc.


GUIDELINES FOR LETTERS - rules, deadline, where to send, etc.






  2. Letter SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO THE PRB AND THE GOVERNOR: "Dear Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker:"

  3. FOCUS MORE ON (Examples): -- how you know Jamie / how long you've known Jamie -- character - what kind of person Jamie is - examples are good here -- what kind of growth you've seen over the years -- any support he's given you, despite being incarcerated -- support you can provide upon reentry

  4. STAY AWAY FROM: -- Claims of innocence (This is a hard one. However, his attorneys have advised us this is not an issue regarding guilt or innocence. The parole board actually does not want to hear about our belief that he is innocent. He has asked that we focus on the positive things he's doing now, what you believe he will add to the world in the future by being released, and what you might be willing to do to assist him with getting his life back. It's a bizarre and frustrating situation but this is our "justice" system.) -- language like "He deserves a second chance" (distracts from actual innocence claims pending in court)

  5. SIGN YOUR LETTER WITH: Name Org (if applicable) Phone (optional, but best to include) Email Address (optional, but best to include) **PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED PUBLICLY**


DOWNLOAD A LETTER TEMPLATE Feel free to make this your own! This is available to for formatting as well as to help you brainstorm about what to write.

Download DOCX • 15KB


  • worked for 20+ years before he enrolled in college

  • member of DePaul University Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program "...increases opportunities for men and women, inside and outside of prison, to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue, inviting participants to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern."

  • member of The Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project (PNAP) - a visual arts and education project that connects teaching artists and scholars to incarcerated students at Stateville Maximum Security Prison through classes, workshops, a policy think tank, and guest lectures.

  • member of DePaul University’s Think Tank - cohort that works together on legislative proposals related to incarceration issues - he was part of the group that successfully passed legislation that mandates the IDOC educate incarcerated persons on their voting rights prior to release.

  • scheduled to graduate in 2025 with a master's in Restorative Justice from North Park University


Childhood Friend

Dear Prison Review Board and Governor Pritzker,

Today, I present a plea for clemency and the release of my dear friend James C. Snow. You know him as inmate N50072-Snow. I have known him as Jamie for 40 years now.

In those 40 years, I have seen a teenager become a man. A father to one child when we met, he became a father to six children and is now a grandfather to several grandbabies that range from teenagers to infants. Jamie is a man who has done everything he possibly can to better himself despite his present surroundings. He has worked diligently to further his education and is currently working on obtaining his master's degree. Prior to his college enrollment, he held a job in prison for over 20 years. He has not been in trouble or had any altercations while serving the last 24-plus years in a maximum-security penitentiary. He has not just done this for himself but for his children, grandchildren, and other family members as well.

He has been a constant support. He's been there when things were going well, when I needed an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and a laugh when I felt like crying. He has been a steadfast friend with sound, usable advice, whether in life's day-to-day happenings or when I have gone through varying "rough spots." He has been a true, reliable friend to me and countless others in spite of his own day-to-day trials that he has faced due to his present surroundings and circumstances.

Jamie is a giver and shows concern for everyone he knows, more than himself. He has done everything in his power to be a steadfast part of his children and grandchildren's lives, and they are a huge, driving force to the work he has done on himself. It's for the betterment of all of them. He wants nothing but success for his family members and anyone he cares about.

I can see Jamie teaching, nurturing, and planting seeds of positivity in the hearts and minds of kids from all walks of life. I can see him speaking publicly and motivating people of all ages to be dream chasers and to seek all things that bring positivity and prosperity to their lives. To pursue all things good and true, and to leave people and places better than you find them.

If granted this clemency, Jamie would re-enter the world and be a diligent, positive servant and be 100% successful in any endeavor he pursues. I believe he would continue his education and be an educator/mentor. I do not doubt that he would "give back" and "pay forward" every chance he was given.

I am prepared and would be honored to provide Jamie with anything he may need upon his release, if granted, be it shelter and a room of his own, food, clothing, and all other needed items, as well as transportation to get to and from any appointments that he may have. I would help him seek gainful employment and be a reference for any job he sought.

I wholeheartedly believe in Jamie Snow and the integral role that he would play in any community that he lived in.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I support and believe in Jamie Snow and hope you will too.

With Sincerest Regards,

Friend / Supporter

Dear Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker,

I am writing to request that you grant Jamie Snow clemency.

Jamie and I began writing to one another in 2019 after I listened to a podcast about his case, and we have been great friends ever since. I was fresh out of a divorce when I first sent Jamie a Christmas card and he was a tremendous support to me throughout that painful season. Equally, he has celebrated the great joys I have experienced since remarrying and changing jobs.

He is an encourager and a great listener. He will often talk me ‘off the ledge’ when I vent about things my kids are rebelling against or how contentious the situation can be with my ex-husband. He cheers me on to do hard things that I’m worried or scared about doing, and he reminds me of hardships in the past that I have overcome.

Jamie is an incredible friend, and I am thankful for him.

Jamie is extremely thoughtful. He thinks deeply about things, values processing, and fully formulates his thoughts and opinions before responding. He doesn’t jump to conclusions; he carefully considers situations and options, and is purposeful in any advice or insight he offers.

He started a seminary course over a year ago and has been enjoying that very much. He said he is discovering things in the Bible that he’s never seen before and has really enjoyed digging deeper into his faith through his studies and homework. We connect on the issue of faith as we both grew up in the same denomination and still follow and love Jesus.

At Jamie’s request, we agreed to lift each other up in prayer at a certain time on a certain day every week. I set a reminder on my phone for every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Every time, I pray that God will comfort him and relieve his current situation.

I also pray that God will guide you to grant Jamie freedom.

Thank you,

Friend / Supporter

Dear Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker,

I met James Snow through the Truth & Justice Podcast. In 2019, I started writing to him to let him know that people on the outside supported him. We have developed quite a friendship, and he has supported me, through letters, during some tough times in my life.

Jamie is a compassionate and caring man. Through the years of writing letters, Jamie has impressed me with his wit, his candor, and his intelligence. Mr. Snow has continued his education and I feel he would be a very productive member of society.

I plan to continue our friendship and support Mr. Snow in any way he needs when he is released. The man I have come to know, would never ask for much beyond emotional support, which we give each other, anyway.

I am asking you to grant clemency to Mr. Snow. I can’t think of a more deserving person.

Thank you for your time.

Friend / Supporter

Dear Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker,

My name is _____________. I am writing in support of clemency for Jamie Snow who was convicted in 2001 for a crime that occurred in 1991.

I have known Jamie for about 15 years. We have corresponded by mail. He is well-spoken and compassionate in his letters. I like that he is always honest and up-front about his situation. We share ideas of what he would like to do when he is granted his freedom, and I send him pictures of places I think would be great places to visit. He loves the outdoors, seeing new places, and meeting new people.

When we correspond, it is no different than any other face-to-face conversations I have with people. We talk about life, lessons we have learned along the way, and how much our families mean to us. We discuss our hopes for our children and our grandchildren. We share our favorite meals. We discuss camping versus staying in a hotel when you travel and the differences each makes to your enjoyment of the trip.

So, I ask for your mercy, I ask for your help to allow this man to reunite with his family. Allow Jamie his freedom so that he can once again be a productive member of society. Allow Jamie to go fishing with his children, help his grandchildren with their homework, and help his siblings plant their gardens or trim their trees.

Jamie has earned the support of many people willing to assist him in his transition back to society. I am certainly willing to help in any way I can. And maybe he can help me trim my trees. Or plant my garden because he would never ask for help without giving something in return.

Reach into your heart and reflect on him as a person not unlike those in your family or social circle. I sincerely hope and pray that you will consider clemency for Jamie.

Thank you for your time.


Friend / Incarcerated with Jamie

Dear Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker,

My name is _______________ and I write with the express purpose of conveying the depth of character Mr. Jamie Snow is in possession of.

I had the privilege of being in Jamie’s company for over two decades while incarcerated in Stateville prison. At no time in my being around him did he fail to demonstrate an outstanding work ethic related to his assignments or class work. He never allowed his life without parole sentence, nor his incarceration to deter him from being a positive-thinking individual. He has consistently pursued higher learning while still seeking his release from prison.

After my release last year, I began working for Safer Foundation - an organization that aids recently released individuals in finding jobs, homes, training, and educational opportunities. I have access to a vast network of reentry resources, and it would be an honor to offer my support should clemency be granted. Jamie will not be a burden on the state.

Whether one believes in his innocence or not, it can’t be denied that his incarceration at this point is superfluous. If Illinois is to operate under its state's constitution, of “restoring offenders to useful citizenship,” then Jamie Snow is the ideal candidate to be a recipient of such a restoration.

Giving him another opportunity to participate would benefit society because society loses by not having Jamie in it.

Please grant Jamie Snow clemency.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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